Family Dinners

Family dinners focus on creating a comprehensive, family-centric meal plan geared towards busy families looking to streamline their evening routine. Instead of trying to plan, shop, chop, season and sear every.single.night, order the “Family Dinner” package and receive a week’s worth of custom, easy-to-reheat, succinctly packaged dinners. All you have to do is follow the reheating instructions included on your weekly menu, take a seat with the rest of your people and enjoy!

Standard pricing assumes that your family will be enjoying a variety of protein, produce and dairy options and includes all grocery cost, complimentary shopping, and free delivery.

3 Dinners $200

4 Dinners $300

5 Dinners $400

6 Dinners $500

7 Dinners $600


All-Inclusive Meal Plans

The All-Inclusive Meal Plan focuses on stocking your fridge and pantry with everything you could possibly need for the week, from breakfast options, to grab-and-go lunches, to dinners ready in under 15 minutes. Oh, and guess what? There are snacks! Did you hear me? I said SNACKS! For kids and adults!

Weekly Package $500

Monthly Package $1800


Specialty Diet Meal Plans

Maintaining a meal plan geared towards specific health and wellness goals can be difficult without support! Whether you’re interested in a Paleo/Keto meal plan, gluten-free meal plan, or a vegan/vegetarian meal plan, I can provide the appropriate support to keep you on track with your food intake.