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Personalized Chef Services

Oh hi! Welcome to Latch Catering, where you can create your own custom meal plans, with the gentle guidance of seasoned chef, Molly Laatsch.


Meet the Chef

Doing what I love, eating fish tacos on the beach

I love food. I love everything about food. I love planning my meals and handpicking my produce and proteins. I love creating inspired, flavorful and healthful meals and most of all, I love eating. In our home, dinner is my favorite activity of the day. Once all seven(yes, you read that correctly 7!) of our children are wrangled, hands washed and seated at the table, I love serving their food, seeing their eyes light up and watching them smash their way through the balanced meal in front of them, sometimes with complaints of “but I don’t eat tomatoes,” sometimes in totally satisfied silence. That’s true #winning!